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We know that WEEX is a cryptocurrency exchange :
WEEX stands out as a trailblazing cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2018, and is celebrated for its security-focused approach and user-friendly trading platform. Licensed by both the US and Canadian MSBs, WEEX operates within strict regulatory frameworks, presenting traders with an extensive array of coins and trading pairs. This includes Spot 116 and Futures Pro 176, with more than 5 new pairs being listed daily. As a security-focused and user-friendly cryptocurrency futures trading platform, WEEX is devoted to enhancing the trading journey, offering a range of services designed to suit traders at all levels. Among these services are low-fee futures trading, zero-fee spot trading, and the option to use up to 200X leverage on derivatives. The platform’s steadfast commitment to user safety and its position as a versatile choice for traders globally in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market solidify its reputation as a leading exchange.

Learn more about WEEX:
Users can sign up for a WEEX account here: https://www.weex.com/register  

Users can visit WEEX Official Website: https://www.weex.com/  

Media Email: felicia@weexglobal.com  

WEEX Customer Support: support@weex.com  

Trading Quant & MM: bd@weex.com