CertiK was co-founded by senior engineers from Yale University and former Google and Microsoft. Master the industry’s leading formal verification technology, mathematically provide the highest level of security defense for system software, and build the next generation of high-trust software systems for applications in blockchain, operating systems, cloud computing and other fields.

As a pioneer in the field of blockchain security, CertiK uses the most advanced formal verification technology and AI audit technology to scan and monitor the security of blockchain protocols and smart contracts, and continues to launch solutions represented by Skynet.SaaS products provide the highest level of security solutions for enterprises and users in the encryption world.

Capital support: Lightspeed Capital and Binance led the investment.

In June 2018, CertiK completed Series A financing, led by IDG Capital. Financial revenue showed explosive growth in the third quarter of the same year. Since 2021, CertiK’s business has developed rapidly, achieving nearly 13 times revenue growth, 3320 times profit growth, and a 4-fold increase in the number of employees.The company’s business has demonstrated strong anti-cyclicality in a violently turbulent market environment.

The organization behind CertiK

Lei Jun (Founder of a well-known Web2 security company), Binance, Coinbase, Sequoia, Goldman, Sachs Softbank.

CertiK (CTK), as the only blockchain security institution, was selected into the CB Insights 2022 Blockchain Top 50 list. It also won the Globee Awards for Global Excellence in Cybersecurity. A solid bottom and a promising future.

WEEX Exchange will list CertiK (CTK) spot and USDT Futures on June 7 at 14:00 UTC+8, both supporting zero-fee trading after the listing.

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