Super Best Friends (SUBF) has emerged as a unique player in the cryptocurrency market, inspired by a legendary South Park episode.

Being an Ethereum-based meme coin, SUBF has quickly gained traction among traders, especially those interested in digital assets with a community-driven backing. Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, SUBF captivates a niche market, blending pop culture with digital finance.

In the realm of leverage trading, Super Best Friends (SUBF) Trading Insights indicate a growing interest due to its volatility and potential for high returns. Traders leverage positions to amplify gains, making platforms like particularly attractive. Here, users benefit from high-leverage options and robust risk management tools—crucial elements for navigating the inherent volatility of meme coins like SUBF.

Super Best Friends basic info

Name: Super Best Friends

Ticker: SUBF Buy now

All-time high: $0.{7}2835

All-time low: $0.{8}5321

SUBF supply and tokenomics

Total supply: 113,177,966,222,213 SUBF

Max supply: 777,777,777,777,777 SUBF

Fully diluted market cap: $4.22M




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