Fireworks Task Event

The WEEX Fireworks Task event allowed users to earn up to 198,700 WXT through a series of engaging activities. Participants were required to complete specific tasks to qualify for the airdrop, which significantly boosted user interaction and token distribution.

Weekly Futures Tournament
The Weekly Futures Tournament on WEEX has been a major attraction, offering participants the chance to win substantial rewards. The tournament features multiple events, including:

Volume Ranking: Participants can earn up to 3,696 USDT and 2,800 WXT by achieving specific trading volumes.

SuperW Leverage Event: Users trading with 20× leverage or more can win up to 3,280 USDT.
Hot Pairs Tournament: This event offers a prize pool of over 3,000 USDT for high-leverage trades.
Copy Trading Competitions: Users can follow champion traders and share in daily rewards.


The WEEX Launchpool has been another key driver of WXT’s presale success. By staking tokens, users can earn WXT and other rewards, encouraging long-term engagement and investment in the platform.

Growing User Base and Engagement
These events have collectively contributed to a significant increase in user activity on the WEEX platform. The simplicity of participating in these events, combined with the attractive rewards, has led to a surge in daily active users and wallets. According to recent data, the number of active wallets on WEEX has been on a clear upward trajectory, highlighting the platform’s growing adoption and the increasing popularity of its promotional activities.

WXT Futures Carnival🎉
Up to 3,696 USDT & 2,800 WXT to be claimed!

WEEX presents WXT Futures Carnival, with a chance to claim up to 3,696 USDT & 2,800 WXT!

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