What is the Flow blockchain?

Flow is a proof of stake blockchain designed to be the foundation of Web3 and the open metaverse, supporting consumer-scale decentralized applications, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, PFP projects, and more. Powered by Cadence, an original programming language built specifically for digital assets, Flow empowers developers to innovate and push the limits that will bring the next billion to Web3. Created by a team that has consistently delivered industry-leading consumer-scale experiences including CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, and NFL ALL DAY, Flow is an open, decentralized platform with a thriving ecosystem of creators from top brands, development studios, venture-backed startups, crypto leaders, and more.

What is the FLOW cryptocurrency?

FLOW is the native currency of the Flow network. It is the exclusive token for staking, delegating, paying transaction fees, and paying storage fees. It is also the primary token used for buying, selling, and trading assets and experiences on Flow.

Is Flow decentralized?

Yes, as of October 2021, less than 1/3 of consensus nodes, the nodes responsible for the security of the network, are run by any single entity. Cadence, Flow’s programming language, is still in beta but will be available for permissionless deployment in the summer of 2022.

How is Flow different from other blockchains?

Flow is unique in that it addresses the scalability trilemma – a problem that forces trade-offs between scale, security and decentralisation which public blockchains face – by dividing the security and performance work over different groups of nodes which are each specialised for their respective tasks. This unique multi-node architecture allows Flow to scale performantly to service mainstream adoption without compromising the security or long term decentralisation of the network. This multi-node architecture also allows Flow to provide full ACID guarantees which unlocks rich interactions between smart contracts (“composability”) and creates strong network effects for apps built on Flow without the complexity of sharding (other chains answer to managing complex state).

Will there be a Flow token?

Yes – the native token for the Flow network is FLOW. All decentralized blockchains use cryptographic tokens (cryptocurrencies) to ensure the security of the system.

How do I buy Flow?

WEEX Exchange has listed Flow (FLOW) spot and USDT Futures, both supporting zero-fee trading.

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